The direction of development of the iron remover


2023-04-27 14:34

Fine iron removal

As raw materials in the process of inevitably mixed with some fine iron pieces, sometimes mixed with a small amount of iron titanium minerals, to remove this part of the finer iron impurities will have to improve the iron removal capacity of the iron remover, to the fine direction.

High magnetic field, high gradient

The application of better materials, so that the magnetic field strength of the iron remover to achieve the best, the gradient is increasingly large.

Energy saving aspects

Electromagnetic iron remover relies on energising the current to produce a magnetic field, which has irreplaceable advantages in certain industries (e.g. ceramic factories), therefore, energy saving and consumption reduction is the development trend of electromagnetic iron remover.

Control automation

The control system for iron separators is often PLC controlled, which improves reliability, reduces maintenance and is easily networked with other automatic control systems.

Development of high power separators

Development of new electromagnetic separator power supply

A good or bad power supply is one of the factors that determine the performance of the iron remover. A good power supply has the advantages of high power factor, easy control, low cost, energy saving and easy connection with other intelligent equipment.