Water-cooled automatic electromagnetic slurry machine series

Non-metallic ore is used in many fields and its effective processing helps to enhance its own economic value and the economic efficiency of investors. At the same time, there is a large demand for some raw materials and dry fine powder. Magnetic separation for the entire production line can not only meet the demand for raw materials, the quality of dry fine powder production is even better, so the magnetic separation equipment is the main equipment of the fine powder production line. Oil-cooled/water-cooled series of electromagnetic slurry automatic magnetic separator is very suitable for non-metal ordering purification. Day central, next day, back R workers and other non-metallic minerals purification and removal of impurities. Other industries:Steel plant, power plant hair water disposal buried. Dissipation Shen do dirty frame of the united t a raw material and so on need to reduce iron impurities of raw material processing, improve quality use.

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Water-cooled automatic electromagnetic slurry machine series

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Product Advantages

New high efficiency cavity structure optimised for significantly improved iron removal and efficiency

▪ Intelligent automatic control, no need for manual operation

▪ Water-cooled cooling system

▪ Simple maintenance and low cost

Model Maximum output
Maximum coil power
Working magnetic field

Magnetic strength diameter


Feed size Capacity
Pipe size Mainframe weight Dimensions
GS-1000-V 2000A 150 16000GS 1000 ≥20 mesh 30-130 8 inch 26t 3052x2185x2814
GS-750-V 1700A 103 16000GS 750 ≥20 mesh 30-80 6 inch 16.6t 2659x1978x2518
GS-500-V 1300A 75 16000GS 500 ≥20 mesh 20-50 4 inch 14t 2328x1745x2642



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