Tailings treatment and plastic and rubber industries

Permanent Magnetic Bar Iron Removal Box Series

The main raw material components of photovoltaic glass include quartz sand, dolomite, limestone, soda ash, sodium nitrate, mannite, sodium pyroantimonate and aluminium hydroxide. Solar photovoltaic power generation has become the preferred direction of solar energy utilization, and high purity quartz sand has important applications in the photovoltaic industry. In the face of the new energy photovoltaic requirements for sorting out the tiny magnetic impurities (such as iron powder) in the fine-grained dry powdery raw materials, Guangyu's series of equipment can cope with the more stringent requirements for removing and purifying powder materials such as positive and negative electrode materials, graphite, quartz sand, dolomite and white carbon black. It is also widely used in the non-metallic mineral, plastic, ceramic, chemical, pharmaceutical and building material industries.

Oil-cooled automatic electromagnetic slurry machine series

Non-metallic ore is used in many fields and its effective processing helps to enhance its own economic value and the economic efficiency of investors. At the same time, there is a large demand for some raw materials and dry fine powder. Magnetic separation for the entire production line can not only meet the demand for raw materials, the quality of dry fine powder production is even better, so the magnetic separation equipment is the main equipment of the fine powder production line. Oil-cooled/water-cooled series electromagnetic slurry automatic magnetic separator is very suitable for non-metallic ore purification. Such as quartz, feldspar, kaolin and other non-metallic minerals purification and removal of impurities. Other industries:Waste water treatment of steel plants and power plants. Cleaning polluted various chemical raw materials and other raw materials that need to reduce iron impurities treatment and enhance the quality use.
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