Lithium materials - Permanent magnet slurry separator02

1. Standard working temperature ≤ 80°C, maximum working temperature up to 350°C. 2.Piping material 304 or 316L stainless steel is optional. 3. Flanges and clamps are designed for easy installation and cleaning of magnetic parts. 4. Reasonable structure design, to ensure the effect of iron removal, and does not hinder the flow of materials. 5. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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Lithium materials - Permanent magnet slurry separator

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Scope of application

The demagnetisation trolley is a multi-magnetic filter designed according to the needs of the site working conditions, mostly for fluid, semi-fluid and other materials of different viscosity or non-viscosity.

Model Dimension (mm)

Magnetic barqty


Magnetic field

GY-CCXC-51-4 51 800 76 2110 1012 4 12000GS以上
GY-CCXC-51-8 51 400 76 1610 1012 8



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