Small automatic electromagnetic slurry machine series

Mine tailings and industrial wastewater treatment on the one hand is due to the need for environmental protection, on the other hand is now with the improvement of magnetic separation equipment technology, has been able to tailings wastewater, sawdust material and industrial wastewater from copper, iron and other metal minerals to be fully recycled, so that it "waste into treasure". The electromagnetic slurry automatic magnetic separator is particularly suitable for use in this field, in the treatment of waste water from iron and steel plants and power plants. Including iron. Lead and zinc, copper, fluorite, sawdust, bauxite tailings, etc.

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Small automatic electromagnetic slurry machine series

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Product Advantages

Water and oil cooling for stable performance

▪ Intelligent automatic control, no need for manual operation

▪ Scientific magnetic circuit design, high magnetic field gradient

▪ energy saving and high efficiency, good sorting effect

Model Maximum output current Maximum coil power
Working magnetic field Magnetic strength diameter
( mm)
Feed size Production ( m³/h) Pipe size Mainframe weight Dimensions
GJ-300-V-7 15A 7 8000GS 300 ≥20 mesh 10-30 3 inch 1070KG 1522x1260x1608
GJ-300-V-11 18A 11 10000GS 300 ≥20 mesh 10-30 3 inch 1170KG 1654x1464x1730



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