Automatic Induction Dryer Series

The main raw material components of photovoltaic glass include quartz sand, dolomite, limestone, soda ash, sodium nitrate, mannite, sodium pyroantimonate and aluminium hydroxide. Solar photovoltaic power generation has become the preferred direction of solar energy utilization, and high purity quartz sand has important applications in the photovoltaic industry. In the face of the new energy photovoltaic requirements for sorting out the tiny magnetic impurities (such as iron powder) in the fine-grained dry powdery raw materials, Guangyu's series of equipment can cope with the more stringent requirements for removing and purifying powder materials such as positive and negative electrode materials, graphite, quartz sand, dolomite and white carbon black. It is also widely used in the non-metallic mineral, plastic, ceramic, chemical, pharmaceutical and building material industries.

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Automatic Induction Dryer Series

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Product Advantages

Water and oil cooling for stable performance

▪ Intelligent automatic control, no need for manual operation

▪ New magnetic media material, better sorting of iron and titanium impurities

▪ magnetic field strength can be adjusted according to the material

Model Maximum coil power
Working magnetic field

Magnetic strength diameter


Cooling methods Mainframe weight Dimensions
GY-ZF-11A430 11 10000GS 430 0.8-1 Oil-cooled 3.2t 1710x1650x2115
GY-ZF-25A430 25 15000GS 430 0.8-1 3.2t 1710x1650x2115
GG-430-V-60 60 16000GS 430 2-3 Oil-cooled 11t 2659x1978x2518
GG-600-V-80 80 16000GS 600 2-3 18t 3052x2185x2814



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