Features of oil-cooled electromagnetic separators and low-temperature superconducting separators


2023-04-26 10:13

Oil-cooled electromagnetic separator

The oil-cooled self-unloading electromagnetic iron remover is an iron unloading mechanism based on the oil-cooled suspended electromagnetic iron remover with the addition of a drive motor, drum and iron unloading tape with scraper. It has the advantages of high magnetic force, fast heat dissipation, dustproof, rainproof, corrosion resistance, continuous work and low maintenance cost.

Low temperature superconducting iron remover

The low temperature superconducting iron remover uses superconducting magnets to produce the strong magnetic field required for iron removal, the advantage is that in the superconducting state (-269℃) there is current without resistance, the current passes through the superconducting coil to produce a super strong magnetic field (50000Gs), with high magnetic field strength, magnetic field depth, strong iron absorption capacity, light weight, low energy consumption, energy-saving operation and environmental protection and other common electromagnetic iron remover It has the advantages of being incomparable.