Features of suspended oil-cooled and manual permanent magnet separators


2023-04-26 10:08

Suspension oil cooling type features

It adopts internal and external pipeline oil circulation cooling method. Fully sealed structure, its heat dissipation and various performances are better than similar products in China, with low temperature rise for continuous work, high magnetic force, dustproof, rainproof, corrosion resistant, long service life, etc. This type of iron remover works continuously in a harsh environment with low failure rate, stable and reliable operation, and is the iron removal equipment for many users.

Manual permanent magnet separator features

The manual permanent magnetic iron remover is a manual iron remover consisting of a high performance permanent magnetic core and an iron discharge chain guard, which is used in conjunction with various conveyors. It is used to automatically remove ferrous impurities from non-magnetic materials and its internal magnetic circuit is designed by computer simulation with a double magnetic pole structure. When the ferromagnetic impurities adsorbed at the bottom of the magnet accumulate to a certain level, the manual kiln handle drives the scraper to remove the waste iron. This series of products have the characteristics of good quality and low price, economic and practical compared with the belt type self-unloading iron remover.