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The magnetic field of the electromagnetic slurry machine is high, the magnetic field is evenly distributed, the gradient is high, the effect of removing iron is obvious; the heat dissipation system adopts forced water cooling heat dissipation, good circulation, can make the temperature drop about 20°℃, prolong the service life of the electromagnetic wire; the brake valve adopts imported material, the valve body is strong and durable, no residual slurry overflow after closing; the de-ironing adopts vibration plus high pressure water pump flushing, flushing thoroughly clean, no residue; the mesh is made of special material The mesh is made of special material, after the power supply to the excitation coil is cut off, there is no residual magnetism, which is convenient for de-ironing; fully automatic operation, no need for manual guarding, de-ironing is convenient and quick, no residue.

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Lithium battery material special-purpose - electromagnetic slurry demagnetizer

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Scope of application

Electromagnetic slurry magnetic separator is widely used for the separation and removal of iron impurities and magnetic materials from lithium cathode slurries such as lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, special ceramics and other demanding industry slurries.

Model Power supply Power Working magnetic field Capacity Cooling methods Mainframe weight Dimensions
GY-ZJ-8A250 380V/50HZ 8.5KW 15000Gs 5-8m³/h Oil-cooled 2800kg 1819*1270*1758
GY-ZJ-40A430 380V/50HZ 35KW 20000Gs 15-22m³/h Oil-cooled 5800kg 2224*1500*2064


Product Advantages

• Water and oil dual cooling system design, stable machine performance

• Scientific magnetic circuit design, high magnetic field gradient

• Intelligent control, no need for manual guarding

• Energy saving and high efficiency, good sorting effect

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