Electromagnetic dry powder demagnetiser for lithium materials

The magnetic field is high, the magnetic flux is evenly distributed, and the internal oxide film coil has excellent performance in temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity and field strength. In the process of iron discharge, the media mesh can also be quickly demagnetized, no residual magnetism, to ensure the effective and rapid discharge of magnetic materials; currently has been used for lithium cobaltate iron removal, lithium nickelate, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, and ternary materials and anode graphite material magnetic separation iron removal, the customer reflected significant results.

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Electromagnetic dry powder demagnetiser for lithium materials

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Scope of application

The series of electromagnetic dry powder magnetic separators are suitable for separating fine magnetic impurities (e.g. iron powder) from dry powdery raw materials, and can cope with the more stringent requirements of positive and negative electrode materials, graphite, white carbon black and other powder materials. It is also widely used in the non-metallic mineral, plastic, ceramic, chemical, pharmaceutical and building material industries.

Model Power supply Power Working magnetic field Capacity Cooling methods Mainframe weight Dimensions
GY-ZF-7A300 380V/50HZ 7KW 8000Gs 350-450kg/h Oil-cooled 920kg 1100*1100*1937
GY-ZF-11A430 380V/50HZ 11KW 10000Gs 800-1000kg/h Oil-cooled 3200kg 1710*1650*2115
GY-ZF-25A430 380V/50HZ 25KW 15000Gs 800-1000kg/h Oil-cooled 3200kg 1710*1650*2115


Product Advantages

• Optimize structural design. Reduced operating energy consumption

• Intelligent control, smooth operation

• Unique piping design for smooth discharge and iron discharge without accumulation and blockage

• Can be customized according to customer requirements

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