Categories of iron remover


2023-04-26 10:06

Iron remover can be divided into two types according to magnetic field: electromagnetic type and permanent magnetic type. According to the structure can be divided into two kinds of suspended automatic iron unloading, suspended manual iron unloading. According to the type of material handled can be divided into non-magnetic material iron remover, magnetic material iron remover. According to the magnetic field strength can be divided into ordinary magnetic field iron removal, super magnetic iron. For the cooling method of electromagnetic iron remover, there are several forms of self-cooling, air-cooling and oil-cooling. This is a common suspended magnet type iron remover. When the amount of iron is small, use the general iron remover. And when the amount of iron is large, a belt iron remover is used. The common type iron remover uses the current of the broken electromagnet to remove iron, and the belt iron remover removes iron through the tape device.